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Date of birth: 6th February 1988

Position: Helm

Residence: Portoroz, Slovenia

Club: Jadralni Klub Pirat

Occupation: Student

University: Faculty of Sport



Who introduced you to sailing? I went to a sailing school by coincidence because my parents are not sailors. There my first coach Milan Morgan inspired me.

Racing since? I started when I was 8 in Optimist.

Worst part of sailing? Dressing and undressing tight sailing clothes, especially in the winter when they are wet. The other thing I dislike is preparing the boat and hoisting the sails. I wish we had a hangar to store our boat without the need to dismantle it every time.

Best part of racing? When you cross the finish line first, look back and see all the fleet behind you.

Best time in your career? 2011 World championship in Perth. On the last day I miraculously qualified for the Olympics in London.

Favourite place to sail: Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

If I wasn’t sailing… I would definitely practice a ball sport.

Most important people in your career? My two coaches Branko Brčin and Tomaž Čopi. They follow me since my early years, have always been there for me, gave me advices and believed in me. However, if it wasn’t for Milan, my first coach, I would not be sailing. I owe him a lot too.

Other interests: Cycling, running, snowboarding and stand-up paddling.


Veronika MACAROL

Date of birth: 28th March 1987

Position: Crew

Residence: Koper, Slovenia

Club: Jadralni Klub Pirat

Occupation: Student

University: Faculty of Architecture



Who introduced you to sailing? My parents. I have spent most of my early childhood with them on the boat.

Racing since? I started sailing when I was 6 in the Optimist Class

Worst part of sailing? The worst is changing in the winter sailing clothes and waiting for the wind.

Best part of racing? Compiting in major competitions with the best sailors in the world.

Best time in your career? 2013 World Championship in La Rochelle, France

Favourite place to sail: Lake Garda, Italy

If I wasn’t sailing…i would practice some other water sport.

Most important people in your career? My family.

Other interests: Snowboarding, surfing, rowing, mountain biking, running, hiking, photography, design, painting.


Tomaz CopiTomaž ČOPI


Čopi’s sailing track record speaks for itself. He started sailing in 1988 and is a veteran of three Olympic Games. He carved his reputation as one of the world’s best sailors winning silver at 1998 World Championship, two vice-european titles and gold at 1997 Mediterranean Games.

Čopi retired after two decades of active career but still enjoys racing at the highest level. In 2007 he joined Russel Coutts’ team on RC 44, won the Extreme 40 World Championship in 2010 and conquered several trophys on Melges 32 World Cup Circuit.

Now he is active in sailing on RC 44 class as a member of Team Nika and on Melges 32 in Torpyone sailing team.